Mark my words

I have a confession to make. An announcement. A proud declaration. I’ve been courageous. I’ve stepped out of the comfort zone.  I’ve removed all elements of fear, trepidation and dread. I’ve done what most would not. Are you ready?

I’ve named my first blog post after a Justin Bieber song. Mark my words.

Jokes aside; I’ve finally decided to write.  I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now, way over a year to be exact, but have always found the notion of thoughts aloud so cringe. Why the sudden change?

As a child I used to love keeping a diary. It was a space where I regularly kept a consistent record of events and experiences. It was an expanse where I was able to carefully construct and craft sentences that communicated my innermost thoughts, ideas and feelings; an area where I documented my own version of events. When I hit my late teenage years it suddenly became uncool to express yourself in a reflective form. Now that I am at the stage where I am less concerned about the opinion of my peers, I felt it was time to rekindle my love and passion for writing.

Secondly I am an English teacher. I have been for almost four years. I’ve been zealously teaching my students modules on writing creatively. I have been instructing my learners to use the most sophisticated styles and language devices in successful writing but have failed to write and publish much myself. I never want to lose my love for creative writing so after careful consideration, adrenaline rushes and positive peer feedback I decided to put my words to paper.

Finally, I have enjoyed and taken advantage of the #UKFEchat team spirit. I have met and engaged with some of the most amazing professionals whom I consider to be leaders of change in further education. We have all shared some great memories and valuable CPD together and regrettably I never recorded any of these events. Whilst I often reflect on the impact #UKFEchat has had on teaching and learning I find it very difficult to calculate the distance travelled as it is not chronicled.

These three reasons have been the motivating catalysts behind why I have finally decided to give writing an attempt.

So what will I be writing about? What could I possibly have to say? What insight can I offer?

Well I want to create a space where teaching and learning is celebrated. A place where I can share those valuable teaching moments that we often forget to remember. Somewhere I can share my experiences and serve as an exemplar. I have plenty of know-hows and I cannot wait to unleash my practices to the universe. I have often feared that by sharing my experiences I will be perceived as a miss-know-it-all. A famous quote changed my view:

“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.”

How often will I write? I’m aiming for once a week.

My next post is about teaching sophisticated punctuation; I oddly owe this experience to #projectsemicolon.

Mark my words.




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